Among the memorabilia collected by Charles Monfort, you may find an impressive collection of baseball plaques depicting major league stars, Cubans included–you’ll see there figures like Tony Oliva, Agapito Mayor, and Adolfo Luque. If you’re interested in any of these items, please contact us.  

Lou Gehrig 2130 – Game Plaque

Eddie Murray 500 and 3000

Tony Oliva Commemorative Plaque

Eddie Mathews Commemorative Plaque

Richard Sisler 3 Homerun Game

Agapito Mayor Hall of Fame Plaque

Adolfo Luque Plaque

Johnny Bench Hall of Fame Plaque

Mickey Mantle, Legend Of The Game

Dave Bancroft Hall Of Fame Plaque

Don Drysdale Commemorative Plaque

Frank Robinson Triple Crown Plaque

George Kell Hall Of Fame Plaque

Lefty Grove 1931 Record Plaque

Leon Goose Goslin Hall Of Fame Plaque

Lou Gehrig 1939 Iron Horse Plaque

Mel Ott Hall Of Fame Plaque

Mickey Mantle 536 Homerun Plaque

Ray Dandridge Hall Of Fame Plaque

Reggie Jackson 500 Homerun Plaque