Mixing the menus

Mixing the menus


Some places specialized in Cuban cuisine include the traditional Ropa vieja, Tostones or the most famous Cuban sandwich, with pork and other ingredients that make it characteristic of the area. The Cuban sandwich of New York is almost as popular as the Italian pizza of New York.

In the same way, sometimes the creativity goes more to the name than to the specific menu. Here, we can find places like Amor Cubano, Calle Ocho, Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine, Guantanamera, Havana Alma de Cuba, Yuca Bar, Agozar Cuban Restaurant or La Caridad 78 Restaurant–an example of Cuban ingenuity, not only reflected in the name but also on the menu combined with Chinese cuisine.

Amor Cubano (2018 3rd Ave, New York City, NY 10029-3263)

Calle Ocho (45 W 81st St, New York City, NY 10024-6025)

Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine (369 Lexington Ave, New York City, NY 10017-6506)

Guantanamera (939 8th Ave, Between West 55th and West 56th Streets, New York City, NY 10019-4264)

Havana Alma de Cuba (94 Christopher St, New York City, NY 10014-4382)

Agozar Cuban Restaurant (324 Bowery, New York City, NY 10012-2490)

Yuca Bar (111 Avenue a, New York City, NY 10009-5809)

La Caridad 78 Restaurant (2199 Broadway, New York City, NY 10024-6611)

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