El Palacio De Los Jugos

El Palacio De Los Jugos


Palacio De Los Jugos is this great little spot on the corner of Flagler and 57th. The outside patio and seating area is way larger than the actual place itself. It’s a mix between cafeteria and small grocer, where they sell hot counter food, snacks, grocery, and prepared foods.

The most popular thing though are there limitless amount of juices. From coconut, mango, and mamey to sugar cane, this place really has a variety of choices and a large industrial juicer to make sure they can handle the crowd (and there is a large crowd folks). I get the sugar cane because I just can’t get good sugar cane drink anywhere north of Miami. If you’re in town for a little bit, you’ve got to opt for that. If you live in Miami, then you have to realize how lucky you are.

The second most popular thing? Chicharrones. God’s Gift to Cubans is this nice fat slab of pork with the skin on. That skin turns a crispy golden brown and can singlehandedly bring back US-Cuban relations to good terms.

I’ve had the Cuban sandwiches here, and though it’s not the best sandwich in the world, it’s cheap and they’ve got some damn good bread. The bread is crisp, and crunchy, while the meat melts with that cheese to give it a nice buttery texture.

Just a heads up, brush up on your Spanish, or you might stumble a bit. The servers are the best. Super friendly and all, but don’t be alarmed if they don’t understand you at first. The service is quick and seating becomes readily available as people tend to just and eat go (most people at least…)

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